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 February 2016

Orchid Montessori Nursery 

Safe Guarding Children from Harm statement

Co-ordinators are: Pam Gupta and Becky Leaney

Orchid Montessori works with children, Parents and community to ensure the safety and protection of the children in our care and give them the best start we can.  It is important that all staff and parents are aware of safeguarding and what we do to implement it.  We take in to account children's right and explain what they should do if they have concerns.

All staff must have a basic knowledge of the safeguarding procedures and the steps to take when abuse occurs whether it is physical, emotional, and sexual or neglect that is suspected.  

The safety and well being of every child left in the care of Orchid Montessori is of prime importance to all our staff and we at Orchid Montessori are committed to the protection of each child who attends our nursery.  

All our staff know the procedure to follow if a child is suspected of being abused, the steps to take and the person to speak to, an incident of this nature will be handled with care and will remain confidential and in keeping with the legislation.  

The role of the Safeguarding co-ordinator is to keep up to date with all changes that may arise with regard to the law regarding safeguarding children.  To work closely with the local safeguarding services, the police and any medical practitioners should we be requested to.

If a child is suspected of being neglected or physically or emotionally abused we will tell the parents of our intention before calling in the appropriate services, which are Havering Safeguarding Children's Board and Ofsted.  Alternatively depending on the severity of the case we may refer directly to the local authority.  It a child is suspected of being sexually abused, then the manager will call the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) first to ask advice and the next procedure to take. If the explanation or reason given is unsatisfactory a diary is kept to see if a pattern occurs, if the pattern of behaviour or injuries keep occurring then a decision has to be made be the Safeguarding co-ordinator to decide whether the next stage in the child protection procedure needs to be implemented.

If a decision has been made to seek further help and advice the manager may seek medical advice and inform the local authority.  The only people to be involved will be the manager, the safeguarding co-ordinator and senior staff the matter will be highly confidential, all staff are aware of the need for confidentiality in any matter regarding childcare but especially so in cases such as these.

Staff who recognised an injury, which they suspect is not accidental and did not occur or was inflicted at nursery it will be recorded and parents/carers will be asked to the sign the document.

If a staff member is accused of abuse he or she will be suspended immediately until a full investigation has been held and the outcome known.  The nursery will also inform Ofsted and the Local Authority Designated Officer(LADO) to ask advice on the next step to take.

If you would like to view a copy of the full Safeguarding procedure and policies, please speak to the manager as this is kept on site in the policy folder. 

Orchid Montessori Nursery

E-Safety Policy

Statement of intent

At Orchid Montessori Nursery we believe that children flourish best when they are offered opportunity to experience using different forms of media and technology which is aimed at their own personal developmental ability. We ensure that access to this technology is safe and protected. 

The internet, digital communication and digital technology are an essential element in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. As a nursery we have a duty to provide developmentally appropriate experience ICT in its various forms to build a foundation on which children can develop their knowledge with internet, e-mail and computer use when they move into primary school


We aim to teach children to use technology in a safe manner. We ensure the programmes that the children have access to are suitable for their development level and that we support their learning in this area. 

This policy is drawn up to protect all parties - the children, the staff and the nursery and aims to provide clear advice and guidance on how to minimise risks and how to deal with infringements.

It is the duty of the nursery to ensure that every child in their care is safe, and the same principles should apply to the virtual or digital world.

Children, the internet and enhancing learning

Orchid Montessori does not have access to the internet in the building

Written permission from parents or carers' will be obtained via a data protection form, before photographs of children are published on school Web site or used in school promotional material.

Work produced by the children will only be published with permission of the child and parent/carers'.

The use of personal mobile phones in the classroom by staff, parents and carers' is forbidden to ensure the safety of the children.  Personal mobile phones can be used in the office in cases of emergency.

Staff should ensure that all mobile phones are set to quiet and are kept in a box that is clearly visible to all staff in the classroom. Staff are reminded that they can give out the setting telephone number if they need to receive and urgent personal phone call.

There is one camera in use in the classroom at all times as follows:

Protecting personal data

Personal data will be recorded, processed and made available in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998

Orchid Montessori Nursery School

Complaints procedure

Statement of intent

Orchid Montessori  believes that children and parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. We welcome suggestions on how to improve our nursery and will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns about the running of the nursery. We anticipate that most concerns will be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result, we have a set of procedures for dealing with concerns.


We aim to bring all concerns about the running of our setting to a satisfactory conclusion for all of the parties involved.

Complaints Concerning Child Protection

In the event of a complaint concerning a member of staff, the owner will review the complaint and reserve the right to suspend the member of staff under the nursery's Disciplinary Policy.  


There are certain matters which cannot be addressed under the Complaints Procedures:

How to raise concerns with the provider

Most concerns can be resolved through discussion with the provider.  If you cannot resolve the issue through discussion, you can make a formal complaint to them in writing or by email.

The law requires all childcare providers to have procedures in place for parents who wish to make a complaint relating to the Statutory Framework for the early years. It requires them to:

Have a written complaints policy

Take prompt and appropriate action if you have concerns

Fully investigate written (and emailed) complaints, giving an account of their findings within 28 days

Tell you about any action taken(and you can request confirmation by writing or email)

Keep a record of all complaints and show it to parents on request.

Ofsted Contact Details

e.mail: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk

Tel:  08456 404040

Address:  Royal Exchange Buildings, St. Ann's Square, Manchester M27LA

Once you have looked through the website,we would be happy to hear from you via e.mail,telephone or even better a visit to the nursery and see for yourself. Please inform us of your visit in advance for our undivided attention.